CLMA : Certified Laban/Barteneiff Movement Analyst

The Integrated Movement Studies Certification Program in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies is a graduate level program for the comprehensive study of human movement. Students gain a deeper understanding of the structural, functional and expressive aspects of human movement. Through a rich variety of movement experiences they become more coordinated and dynamic movers. They hone their skills in movement observation to discern how movement is revealing patterns of behavior and cultural and aesthetic style. The programs are appropriate for individuals in any field that uses the practice, observation or assessment of movement, skills development, re-education or therapy. Professional dance or movement training is not required, but experience in movement and a willingness to learn through movement is important. Many of our graduates become consultants in a variety of fields.

The L/BMA theories are taught within the context of learning as a creative process. The IMS program bases their study of creativity on the Creative Systems Theory model of Dr. Charles M. Johnston and trains their participants to understand and design movement/learning experiences using creative teaching methodologies. Because students are encouraged to explore and manifest what is personally meaningful to them, the IMS Program enhances creativity, growth and integration as well as being profoundly enlivening.